Marvellous Chilly Mondays

It’s Monday again and time for Marvellous Mondays. It was lovely to see so many of you join up with us after our Christmas break and last week we had 95 linked posts. It’s been a chilly old week and I hope some of you got to enjoy some snow. Luckily we only had a… Continue reading Marvellous Chilly Mondays

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Reasons Why It Should Snow More

Us Brits are some weird creatures. We know how to queue like no other nation, we’re very modest and generally don’t like to brag and of course we don’t speak to strangers on trains or the tube. Unless it snows. I was recently heading to London for work and the much forecast and awaited snow started… Continue reading Reasons Why It Should Snow More


Five of The Best: Little Lifts

It’s January and it’s easy to feel lethargic and just generally a bit grotty, as it is most of the year, but January can be depressing with the cold, dark days and spring still seeming and eternity away. Here’s my top 5 tips to help feel a little more energised. Workout Even if it’s just… Continue reading Five of The Best: Little Lifts


The Changing Bag Abyss

I recently treated myself to a new changing bag. This is my third. First there was the Beau & Elliot one Mr J bought me for Mothers day. Being the good egg he is, he’d done his homework and reliably informed it was better than a Pink Lining one, but it’s quite bulky and ends… Continue reading The Changing Bag Abyss


Marvellous 2017 Mondays

  Welcome back to Marvellous Mondays and our first link up of 2017. We’ve had a few weeks rest over Christmas and I must admit it was nice to have a break, but we’re now back and looking forward to reading all your posts and having another marvellous year. There are going to be a… Continue reading Marvellous 2017 Mondays


A Year of Blogging

The 5th January 2016 was the day that Back With A Bump was born. I’d been deliberating returning to blogging after my hiatus when my old blog Oliver’s Progress reached its natural end and with me being pregnant I decided it would be a good time to come back with a bump so to speak (I’m an… Continue reading A Year of Blogging


Goals for 2017

I’m not really a believer in new years resolutions and don’t really have anything to give up… except maybe hating most people because largely are all wankers, like the numerous cars in the carpark who could see me trying to reverse out of my space but were refusing to let me out or the lady… Continue reading Goals for 2017


Back To Work Wardrobe

With my return to work imminent I am in desperate need of some new work clothes. I’m lucky that I work from home most of the time so that means I can get away with working in jeans but there are days where I need to visit our London office or meet customers and need… Continue reading Back To Work Wardrobe


Five of The Best: Teething Essentials

Teething is never a fun time as your adorable baby turns into this spotty, red cheeked angry little monster. The phrase teething problems came from somewhere after all! Thankfully Pops hasn’t suffered too bad yet but these are our must-haves. 1 Dentinox We used this a lot with Oliver and Poppy too likes the taste… Continue reading Five of The Best: Teething Essentials


Fighting The Festive Flab

It’s December and Christmas is upon us. It’s so easy to indulge in a mince pie every time you go into the kitchen and there’s the fridge packed with cheese and the snack cupboard that’s crammed with crisps and nuts. Although I’m a gym lover, I do believe it’s all about balance and enjoying ourselves… Continue reading Fighting The Festive Flab