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Since I started blogging again I’ve been introduced to so many brilliant blogs which have made me laugh, cry and much more. Without further ado, here’s my top 5 favourite blogs that are well worth checking out! Lifestyle: My Petit Canard My Petit Canard is a beautifully written blog by Emily who’s a mum of… Continue reading Five of The Best: Blogs


Poppy’s Seven Month Update

Another month and Popstar is now 7 months old. What’s happened in the last month? Feeding Weaning is now in full swing and she’s now on 3 meals a day. She now takes great interest in food, eyeing up everything we have including Daddy’s post gym protein shake. I have now introduced meat and fish… Continue reading Poppy’s Seven Month Update

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Review: Mess Free Feeding With Bibado

Weaning is a messy business. It’s as much about exploring and playing with food as it is about eating it. Poppy seems to enjoy getting her hands in her mouth and spreading her food on herself, her bumbo and the tablecloth, which she seems to have a fascination with. Until now we’ve been using a… Continue reading Review: Mess Free Feeding With Bibado


Brangelina: Who Cares?

Hold the press, Brad and Angelina have split up. She’s filed for divorce. She’s allegedly blaming his dope smoking and drinking. Or did he cheat? Does Jen want him back? (I doubt it, that was years ago. Yawn). Who the hell even cares?! Not me for one. They, like any other couple are just a couple. They… Continue reading Brangelina: Who Cares?


Recipe: Plum & Almond Cake

OK, so this totally contradicts my healthy eating post but I made this cake last week and it’s delicious!  Plums are in season at the moment and I picked up a punnet for 49p from Aldi, so it would have been rude not to bake a cake. My mum used to make a lovely plum… Continue reading Recipe: Plum & Almond Cake


Domestic Bliss: Perception VS Reality

The phrase domestic goddess conjures up images of Nigella Lawson with a feast laid out for all her posh friends, or some beautiful Stepford Wife looking utterly flawless, hair and make up immaculate and a home to match. Sunday in our house means one thing. Sunday roast. We have a roast dinner every week without… Continue reading Domestic Bliss: Perception VS Reality

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Kick up The Arse Mondays

What started out as a good summer of being healthy and active has gone a little awry. Seven weeks of school summer holidays seemed to mean more wine and gin sneaking in whereas normally we don’t drink during the week. Before you think I’ve turned into an old wino, we’re not big drinkers but a… Continue reading Kick up The Arse Mondays

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What’s In A Name?

Why is it we spend most of our pregnancy debating baby names but then once our little bundle arrives we call them everything but the name we chose? Is it just me? Oliver was very nearly William before we decided but I decided I preferred Oliver. Straight away we said we would make a concerted… Continue reading What’s In A Name?

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Why It’s Good To Be Uniform

Another start to the school year and of course that meant another school hitting the headlines for sending children home for wearing incorrect school uniform. I’m sure it’s the same every year. Last week seemed to turn into a media fiasco at Hartsdown Academy. With a new headteacher in post Matthew Hart appeared to be… Continue reading Why It’s Good To Be Uniform