Poppy’s Eight Month Update

Wow, another month has gone and suddenly my little troll seems to be growing at an alarming rate. So, what’s been happening over the past month? Feeding Weaning is going well and Poppy now has three meals most days. She definitely has more of a sweet tooth and loves pudding- which is usually fruit puree… Continue reading Poppy’s Eight Month Update


A Child of Mine

If you regularly read my blog then you’ll know that last year, in 2015 we lost our 21 month old son, Oliver. Our brave little boy fought so courageously from being born at 25 weeks, to surviving a serious bowel disease called NEC and the at the age of 10 months having a liver and bowel transplant before… Continue reading A Child of Mine


What To Buy The Man Who Has Everything

It’s Mr Jones’ birthday this week and being a typical man, he’s so hard to buy for. He’s all sorted for socks and pants so I was at a loss with what to get him and as usual when asked, he told me he doesn’t want anything. Like that would happen. Cards Poppy’s card is… Continue reading What To Buy The Man Who Has Everything

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Five of The Best: Linkys

If you’re relatively new to blogging then you might not know much about linkys- I didn’t for a long time but now link up some of my blog posts to a few linkys each week and it’s helped me to grow my blog as well as my presence on Twitter and Instagram. It’s also introduced me… Continue reading Five of The Best: Linkys


It’s Another Marvellous Monday

Well that’s another week gone by already, and so time for another Marvellous Monday! I hope you all had a good week. Ours was relatively quiet and I enjoyed some time with the Pop Tart on my own while the big one was at school as Mr J finally went back to work after 8 weeks off… Continue reading It’s Another Marvellous Monday


Savvy Shopping

We don’t have that many luxuries, takeaways, don’t eat out that often and have bugger all of a social life so food shopping is probably our biggest downfall. The midweek trip to Tesco to buy a bunch of bananas normally results in a basket of shopping costing £30 so we decided to rein in the… Continue reading Savvy Shopping

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Things You Never Knew About Shopping With A Baby Until You Had One!

Shopping once you’ve had a baby is a very different affair to shopping without a baby in tow…. You Can’t Shop Here Walk in to Topshop and the fresh out of school shop assistants greet you “can I help you?” they ask in a questioning way that implies “are you lost?”. Walk into Joules or… Continue reading Things You Never Knew About Shopping With A Baby Until You Had One!


Midweek Meals: Beef Ghoulash

I love a beef casserole, it’s a perfect winter warmer, but this twist on a casserole is one of our regular midweek meals and a good all year rounder and a meal we all enjoy as a family. It can be made ahead of time and left to slow cook and can be frozen too. You could… Continue reading Midweek Meals: Beef Ghoulash


It’s A Marvellous Monday To Be Here!

Hello and welcome to my first week as official co-host of Marvellous Mondays! I’ve been taking part in #marvmondays for some time and try and link every week. I also helped Kaye co-host while Emily had her baby back in the summer, and so I was chuffed to be asked to come on board permanently.… Continue reading It’s A Marvellous Monday To Be Here!

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Five of The Best: Gym Essentials

Following on from my other Five of The Best post on home workout essentials I thought I’d share my essentials for the gym. So, without further ado… USN Protein USN is my favourite protein by far as it’s really tasty and mixes well. Some other brands taste a bit bland or leave a yucky after-taste.… Continue reading Five of The Best: Gym Essentials