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When Poppy Met Santa

No Christmas would be complete without a visit to Santa and as this is Poppy’s first Christmas and Ella is starting to get excited about Christmas we decided to get in to the Christmas spirit and pay the big fella and his elves a visit. We chose to visit Santa’s Grotto at The Centre MK… Continue reading When Poppy Met Santa


Why I Hate Mornings

I hate mornings. It’s not that I’m not a morning person. Far from it in fact. I usually jump out of bed fairly happily and once I’ve had a cuppa I’m ready to start the day. It’s the saga of school mornings that I detest. You would think that an 8 year old would be… Continue reading Why I Hate Mornings


Marvellous Winning Mondays With Busy B!

And so we enter the final week of November and things are definitely ramping up for Christmas. I’ve seen lots of pictures on Instagram of people’s Christmas trees and we’ll put ours up next week, probably while the eldest one is at school so it’s a nice surprise for when she gets home. Poppy is… Continue reading Marvellous Winning Mondays With Busy B!


Keeping Mum

I’ll start this with a bit of a disclaimer. When I first started blogging, it was about being honest and being myself. My blog Oliver’s Progress was my way of documenting each week with our son, the good and not so good and it was honest. Although I am still totally genuine, my posts perhaps are… Continue reading Keeping Mum

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Five of The Best: Elf On The Shelf Ideas

  If you’ve not heard of Elf on The Shelf, then firstly, where have you been? Elf on the Shelf is basically a form of bribery to make your kids behave in December. An elf arrives on the 1st December, sent from Santa to keep an eye on them and decide if they belong on… Continue reading Five of The Best: Elf On The Shelf Ideas


Poppy’s 9 Month Update

Another month has flown by which means my impatient little 34 weeker has now been here in the big wide world longer than she was in my tummy for. So, what’s new this month? Feeding Weaning is still going really well and Pops loves her food. I’ve said it before, but after her brother never… Continue reading Poppy’s 9 Month Update

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Bottoms Up To Christmas!

I’m a big fan of Asda Little Angels nappies and recently put 3 brands of nappies to the test in my night time nappy test, in which Asda came out top and I am now well and truly converted. Thankfully, I have finally got through the massive pack of Pampers which we bought as they were… Continue reading Bottoms Up To Christmas!

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Let It Go!

It’s 2013 and a couple of days before Christmas. The big one, then aged 5 and I have just got back from the cinema having seen Frozen, or Frost as she insists on calling it, which has just come out at the cinema. The cinema was packed and so we ended up going to a… Continue reading Let It Go!


Marvellous Prize Winning Mondays

  We’re back again for Marvellous Mondays and what a week last week was with 98 posts linked up! It’s fabulous to see our linky growing each week! This week we’re launching our fabulous birthday giveaway. As we hinted last week, the prize will awarded based on commenting. We have teamed up with the beautiful… Continue reading Marvellous Prize Winning Mondays

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Five of The Best Advent Calendar Fillers

I always thought the point of an advent calendar was to count down to Christmas, having a little chcolate and Christmas picture everyday until Christmas Day finally arrived. Now though, the chocolate is mostly crap, unless it’s Cadburys, you don’t get a picture anymore and then there’s the stupidly priced advent calendars filled with toys.… Continue reading Five of The Best Advent Calendar Fillers