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Summer Holiday Workouts

School holidays always seem to play havoc with working out as our regular routine of the school run followed by nap time for Pops and working out.  By the time we have both been to the gym its normally lunchtime and half the day has then gone so we often end up skipping the gym… Continue reading Summer Holiday Workouts

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The Adventures of Weaning

In my holiday post I touched on us dipping our toes into the sea of weaning whilst in Portugal. This wasn’t the healthiest start to weaning since the shops only seem to have sweet purees and so we mostly stuck to baby rice with a bit of fruit puree.  I’m pretty sure she shouldn’t have tried… Continue reading The Adventures of Weaning

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The Hunt For The Perfect Day Nursery

For a little while I’ve been telling myself I need to start looking for a nursery in readiness for my return to work, but suddenly the summer holidays are nearly over and then it’ll be the countdown to Christmas and then I’ll be due back to work. AAGGGHHH! This week I decided to pull my finger out and start the search.… Continue reading The Hunt For The Perfect Day Nursery

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Surviving The Summer Holidays Part 2

So we’re now five weeks into the summer holidays, with two weeks remaining.  Yes, some bright spark decided our school could break up early for the holidays thereby giving us seven weeks of school holidays. So far we’ve managed two trips to Nanny’s to offload the eldest and two weeks in Portugal which broke things up.  Now we’re home… Continue reading Surviving The Summer Holidays Part 2

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When My Friend Went Girly

One of my old work friends recently became a rep for Younique make up.  I’ll admit I was a little surprised at her new venture as she’s really not the make up wearing girly type.  In fact we’re pretty much chalk and cheese.  The fact that she had become hooked on Younique was a bit interesting… Continue reading When My Friend Went Girly


6 Months In

Even writing the title has me aghast. How the hell can Poppy be nearly 6 months already? It doesn’t seem long since the impatient one decided she was ready to arrive bang on 34 weeks. Since then there’s been the arrival of other bloggers babies, most recently My Petit Canard and Hello Archie and reading… Continue reading 6 Months In


Do’s & Don’ts of Holidaying With A Baby

Freshly back from our holidays I thought I’d share some of my do’s and don’ts on travelling with a baby. Holidays are meant to be relaxing and a time to recharge the batteries, hmmm. With a 5 month old and an 8 year old in 40C heat it wasn’t the most relaxing holiday we’ve ever… Continue reading Do’s & Don’ts of Holidaying With A Baby

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What’s In Poppy’s Suitcase?

It’s been a long time since we holidayed with a baby and I appear to have turned into a list making freak as I’m paranoid I’ll forget something essential for the little one. After deciding that we couldn’t manage with just hand luggage, who was I even kidding,  I am making the most of our… Continue reading What’s In Poppy’s Suitcase?

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Breathing & Getting Engaged

I’ve been working out and a fitness convert for nearly five years now.  But amazingly, there’s two very basic things that I have only recently come to realise are super important to working out and thought I’d share as they can really make a difference. Breathing Pretty basic, right? Don’t worry, I’ve not been holding… Continue reading Breathing & Getting Engaged

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Review: Sophie La Girafe Teether

I’ve always thought the Sophie The Giraffe teethers were pretty cute. Unisex, perfectly chewable and not plastic crap! I think I first spotted the original Sophie when the big one was little but never got her one and now there’s a huge range. I’d heard good things about this cheeky, chewable giraffe and so I… Continue reading Review: Sophie La Girafe Teether