1. I was thinking of doing Elf on the shelf this year, but thought it might be too much hassle…these are great ideas though, love the drawing on the face one! #MarvMondays

  2. I’m going to be honest I have thought about doing Elf On The Shelf but I am a bit of a clean freak and hate mess. I do love your ideas for though, maybe next year I won’t be such a sap and get one! #MarvMondays

  3. I love this and cannot wait to do it with my daughter. She’s a bit young at the minute so maybe next year. I was a bit shocked when I saw the price of the Elf on the Shelf though! My mum being a bit of a scrooge doesn’t like it though and thinks it will encourage my daughter to get up to mischief! Haha.
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  4. I’m torn about this whole Elf on the shelf thing. In some ways it sounds like so much fun but unfortunately my kids are the type to copy all the mischief the Elf gets up to and they really don’t need any encouragement lol. There are days when I feel really down about them both having developmental delays, but very occasionally it can be a bit of a blessing too like in instances where they have no idea what Elf on the shelf is.

    Thanks or hosting #marvmondays
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  5. Excellent! Love some new ideas and the tree one will definitely be used. I am worried that I cant think of anything different this year x #MarvMondays

  6. Brilliant. Thanks for the suggestions! I think I’ll definitely use the tree idea (once we get a tree) and like the idea of snow angels in icing sugar, too. Some might have to be adapted because I tend to put the elf up high so the boys can’t reach him (and break or lose him!).

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  7. We having doing this this year for the girls loved the tree one Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please

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