1. Wow!! I wish is known of this when I was sterilising bottles left right and centre, in my huge, bulky sterilising unit that was a massive bind to take anywhere!! I hated sterilising-such a faff, but these really do look fab!!
    Thanks for sharing with #bigpinklink!

  2. awesome way to sterilise when out and about. I remember how tough it was! Thanks for sharing with #mg

  3. These sound great! I have been thinking about which sort of steriliser to get and these sound much better than having equipment taking up space on the worktop! Also not sure when we’ll start expressing and will need a steriliser, so these could be handy to have ready then we can buy a more permanent solution when needed.

  4. This is a GREAT product! Wish I had them back when my kids were babies. I really struggled with sterilising back then. #Bloggerclubuk

  5. Ooo this sounds fab! Sterilizing is such a hassle when you need the bottles asap. Thanks so much for linking up with #bloggerclubuk x

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