1. These are fab and my poor eight month old has had a tough time on the old teething front. He has eight teeth already bless him! I have most of these and I’m looking into getting a cool wearable teething necklace. Hope your baby’s doing ok – it can be tough on them and us! #MarvMondays

  2. We bought Piglet a Sophie for Christmas! I have no idea how she will be as the grem didn’t suffer much. She just stopped eating now and then. I’ve heard good things about the granules too! Thanks for hosting x

  3. We love Sophie too (although she’s always wandering off, the cheeky thing!) and a bit of Denitnox. I’ve found that the Bonjela has a longer effect but you can only use it every three hours whereas the ability to reapply the Dentinox so frequently seems to help soothe our little one! Thanks for sharing, teeth are horrid things! #marvmondays

  4. I have to agree with you on all of these! My youngest is teething at the moment, she has four coming through all at once so it’s been awful for her. The only thing we haven’t tried is Sophie Giraffe, I must invest as she’s always gnawing on her fingers. I think one would really help! Thanks so much for linking up to #Blogstravaganza, it would be great to see you again next week! X

  5. Forreo Electric toothbrush is ESSENTIAL for teething babies. Our daughter loves hers. It massages their tickly gums and by boosting the circulation it encourages the teeth to pop through. God send! #MarvMondays

  6. My eldest now seems like a dream. She slept through from 6 weeks, never had any teething problems or nappy rash! I always knew she was a good baby but she’s a pain now instead!!

  7. Poor Little M is right in the midst of teething at the moment. We’re relying on Anbesol, Calpol and Nuby teething rings to get her through. I just want those first teeth to cut through now, to give her some respite! #marvmondays

  8. That Sudocrem is amazing isnt it? so much thinner than standard sudocrem which i think is nicer for babies when applying as you dont need to really touch their parts too hard.
    ive heard really good things about the powder also, but we’ve not tried it just yet!
    he’s discovered the Nuby key teethers finally, but prefers to eat the handle than the actual teethers hahaha #marvmondays

  9. I use the powder on my son and he totally changes as soon as he has it! We also use cheeky Chompers neckchew and their chewy hippo 🙂 #MarvMondays

  10. Ahh teething is such hard work..Leo used to get so grumpy with it Calpol was pretty much the only help for him. When Alex starts teething I’ll keep all these mind, I like the look of that giraffe teether xx #marvmondays

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