1. 4 key pillars to success, these along with staying hydrated all help contribute to fat loss. A nice precise blog which will help to inform others.

  2. Great tips. I feel quite sluggish and bloated after the whole festive period. I’m planning on doing a workout a day. It’ll be a mixture of spin class, yoga, running, core strength and some other workouts. Thanks for the heads up about pop sugar. I was looking online for good workouts earlier so have now subscribed and bookmarked! Have a great new years! Thanks for linking up to #TheFridayLinky

  3. Where’s your flab? 🙂 I so agree with these. I so need to get my bum out of bed earlier for the gym or a workout. Youngest can wake 5,30 onwards and I can be up and out after a feed. #lazy. xx #twinklytuesday Oh and I just saw I read this and commented above…just had a different comment now!

  4. Being massively pregnant I haven’t really worried about my waistline this year – there’s no point because I haven’t got one!! Great tips though – I’ve had to hang up my trainers now but I’m swimming three times a week and trying to snack smart… #twinklytuesday

  5. I don’t know how I did it but I managed to get away with not putting on any weight over Christmas – that’s a Christmas miracle in itself!! Hope you had a great Christmas and New Year #twinklytuesday

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