1. Love it. Yes she does look very much like the boy in Hanson. Uncanny.

    I nearly had an Oliver. I had tonnes of possible girls names, but only 2 boys. The OH refused to discuss but when he arrived the only name he suggested was George – I said fine for a middle name but not first, so luckily he agreed to one of the names I liked. Given how popular Oliver is, I’m glad the OH agreed to Nathaniel (and he’s definitely a N and not an Oliver), but I have found there’s a lot more of those around. His shortened form is Nate, but only the cousins and my BIL/SILs call him that. Everyone else calls him Nathaniel…or Squirrel!

  2. I love nicknames! My two children have lots of them and they all do relate back to their real names but it’s tenuous!! Some of my favourite childhood memories are connected to all the silly nick names I had, it must run in the family. #chucklemums

  3. Yes! My husband coined Moo. Moo’s real name is beautiful and I’ve coveted it for a girly name for years, but now I just call her Moo too. Seems a shame. Love Mavis! Thank you for linking to #Chucklemums 🙂 xx

  4. Ha, ha! Our Ella gets called Ella-Bella by family sometimes (annoying) and occassionaly Ella-Bella-Boo-Bear by her dad, how funny is that?! So similar 😉 We consciously picked two names for our little ones that couldnt be shortened. The only problem now is obviously Ella doesnt always get called Ella, and the little guys name keeps getting mispronounced. Cant win! Em #TwinklyTuesdays

  5. It’s funny – FC#1 has a name which I’d thought we’d shorten, but in fact we nearly always use his full name. FC#2 is nearly always shortened by me, but most other family members call him his real name. He’ll probably be very confused when he starts school…

  6. So true. There are absolutely no names that cannot be shortened or lengthened, and it is ridiculous the things that stick. Embarrassing what I call out at the playground sometimes. #coolmumclub

  7. I’ve always had a weird fascination by people who go by a name that isn’t their actual name… It makes a great comedy moment during wedding vows ‘Steve? Who the hell is Steve?’…

    Our kids quite often end up being called Bear and Mouse – which is funny as Bear was one of our actual boy names…good job we had 2 girls!

    Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub

  8. My daughter is really called Arianna (not on blog but not a massive secret). She gets called Aria mainly for short but then all the mean names – Gremlin, gremmo, stinker, scumbo….we are not nice really!! In fact she thinks gremlin is just normal now. Oops. I rarely call my hubby Chris either…there is usually some insult. So can very much relate!! xx #coolmumclub

  9. Love it, we had to have names ready for both our boys before they came, I just couldn’t imagine not knowing before I met them what I would call them! A friend of mine however couldn’t decided on a name for her daughter until she was a couple of weeks old! x #coolmumclub

  10. We also have funny names for our children, and for eachother actually! We always knew that Lewis would be Lewis (now hes a Lew) and Eva would be Eva, but we really struggled with Joseph, Megan and Harrison. Now we call Megan Meggy, Nutmeg, Megatron, Meggy Moo, a whole variety of names! Harrison gets Harry, Haribo, Hazman, Harold…very rarely his actual name!!

  11. We took a different approach and actually named our child with the intention of calling only him by his nickname. We actually hyphenated it so that we get fewer arguments about his nickname. #fortheloveofBLOG

  12. Haha I think it’s more that the Hanson boys looked like little girls! We nickname or shorten all our kids names. It’s like a term of endearment for us but I know some people really hate it! Thanks for sharing on #fortheloveofBLOG

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