1. Chloe says

    Hi, where did April go? We had a mix of weather and I didn’t expect to de-ice the car. I need to get better at the gym and stop with those excuses #MarvMondays

  2. Helen Gandy says

    Our April was mixed, Elarna turned 2 but had her operation on her birthday, the rest of the month has been a bit of a blur. Here’s to May 🙂 Thanks for hosting #marvmondays

  3. Life as Mum says

    Sounds like a lovely month! I could no way eat rice and chicken so early in the morning haha! But good luck! Sounds like a plan! I’m slowly getting back to eating clean/healthy. #MarvMondays

  4. Sarah Howe says

    Looking good and sounds like you all doing well with the fitness! Wow I couldn’t eat chicken and rice 4 times a day!! Summer is on it’s way!! Thanks for hosting x

  5. Sarah says

    I think we had April showers today! Wrong month. We had a lovely April, really enjoying the weather – makes a change after the long winter #marvmondays

  6. kristin mccarthy says

    April has been pretty good to us over here with the exception of illness after illness. That part I can do without.


  7. Briony says

    I can’t believe you got through April without showers, we had snow, flipping snow! It’s been a quick month though, flown right by. My friend had just done a colour run, you guys will have the best time! #twinklytuesday

  8. Muffin top mummy says

    Sounds like a great month! I needed that Insta pic inspiration – keeping up the fitness is always a priority for me, but great to see results as I’m so far away from where I want to be! #marvmondays

  9. Wendy says

    Rice and chicken for breakfast?No thank you!Sounds like you’ve had a good April, can not believe how quickly that month has flown xx #marvmondays

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