1. Hi, I’m sure many nurses reading this will be reading this. You summed up nicely about not taking out frustrations out on them no matter how you feel #MarvMondays

  2. Lovely words that the wonderful nurses who work so hard and as you say, dedicate their time to care for the family of others, would be so happy and thankful to hear. Whilst they should be acknowledged for their work year round, I’m glad there is a day for it also. #MarvMondays

  3. Nurses are indeed a special kind of person. I wish they got the recognition that they deserve and were paid appropriately for the care and comfort that they give. Anlovely pist about a difficult time. Thanks for sharing #marvmondays

  4. The nurses do deserve a massive thank you! I have only ever been admitted to hospital when I had L. It wasn’t overly traumatic or anything. Just seven days of worry and racing hormones. But the midwives and nurses who helped me were superb, especially the one who watched me cry most evenings when my husband went hme and just patted my back, handed me maltesers and tissues and just left me be and defintely to the one who took L and rocked him for an hour so I could sleep. #TwinklyTuesday

  5. This is great! I agree that nurses deserve our recognition and respect. it’s a job I could never do and for that I am in awe! #marvmondays

  6. So well said – I often think nurses are not truly appreciated until you really need them, but they do an amazing job every single day for such little thanks. This is a lovely post and I’m so glad you met such wonderful people at such a difficult time. #MarvMondays

  7. What a lovely tribute to those who serve! And to the determination of your little man, Oliver! Nurses and teachers, so so much and do take a lot of heat. Thanks for making us remember just how important they really are! <3 #marvmondays

  8. NICU nurses really are angels in my eyes, they were so wonderful when Ben was in NICU and really made me at ease during those first 7 days. I still think of them and know that if it wasnt for them I’d have struggled more than I did! #marvmondays

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